Sutton Coldfield Schools FA (SCPSFA)

SCPSFA & SCPSDFA Chairman & Secretary: Michael Griffin (The Shrubbery)

SCPSFA Treasurer: Rob Wood (New Oscott)

SCPSFA Sponsorship Co-ordinator: TBC

SCPSFA Primary Competition Director: TBC

WS Active Society SGO: Faye Haworth (Wilson Stuart)

SCPSFA Child Welfare Officer: Michael Griffin (The Shrubbery)



Sutton Coldfield Primary Schools District FA (SCPSDFA)

SCPSDFA Chairman: Michael Griffin (The Shrubbery)

SCPSDFA Secretery: Michael Griffin (The Shrubbery)

SCPSDFA Treasurer: Paul Griffin

SCPSDFA Child Welfare Officer: Michael Griffin (The Shrubbery)

SCPSDFA Director: Michael Griffin (The Shrubbery School)

SCPSDFA Sponsorship Co-ordinator: TBC

SCPSDFA Boys Teams Co-ordinator: TBC

SCPSDFA Girls Teams Co-ordinator: TBC

SCPSDFA Kit Manager: TBC

SCPSDFA Social Secretery: TBC

SCPSDFA Tournament Director: TBC

SCPSDFA Photographer: TBC

SCPSDFA Website Manager: TBC

SCPSDFA Facility Co-ordinator: TBC

SCPSDFA Official Co-ordinator: TBC

SCPSDFA U11 Coach: Rob Wood (New Oscott)

SCPSDFA U10 Coach: Oliver Baylis (Microsports)

SCPSDFA U9 Coach: Neil Wilson 


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