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With over 360 primary schools, Birmingham Local Education Authority is the largest of its kind in the country. 


Each primary school is allocated to one of Birmingham's seven districts and pupils are only permitted to represent the district within which they are educated. 


We are on the back of the most successful period that Sutton Coldfield Primary School District has ever had.


We  have been Birmingham Primary Schools FA (BPSFA) League Champions for three of the past four year, Boys West Midlands County Schools (WMCSFA) League Champions and ESFA Danone Nations Cup National Finalists.


The Girls program is only in its 3 year after reconstruction but we have also have incredible success with the girls qualifying for the ESFA Premier League District Cup National Finals in 16-17 and winning the Birmingham Primary Schools FA (BPSFA) Tournament series. 


When selected the boys team is expected to play a minimum of 10 games against other Districts mainly on Saturday mornings.  All Schools and District football is deemed by the F.A. to be category B, therefore takes priority over Local Youth Leagues, Academies and Centres of Excellences, Development Centres (who are not allowed under the rules of the F.A to prevent boys or girls playing District Football). However, some do try, applying pressure on both boys and parents. Please contact us if you have any queries regarding this situation. District football is a high level of football and should be seen as a huge honour to represent and play for your town. Many districts we play have umpteen academy players representing them. Depending on the success of the team the boys could experience regional National and International competition throughout the year.


The girls team play between 6 to 8 tournaments in a season. These will mostly be played on Saturday afternoons. Similar to the boys program and dependant on success they have the opportunity to compete Regionally, Nationally and even internationally.

Further details of district football can be found by visiting the English Schools FA (ESFA) website or visiting the Birmingham Primary Schools FA (BPSFA)


If you have any queries, please contact us on the email address or phone number below.


For up to date information on the district trials please follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram @SCPSDFATeam


Congratulations on being selected by your school for the trials and best of luck. Remember the one most important thing, enjoy and express yourself throughout. 


Yours sincerely



Michael Griffin 


Sutton Coldfield Primary School District F.A.

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