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U9 Boys SCPSDFA Gifted and Talented Squad 19-20

M. Gibbons (Walmley)

B. Wilson (St Nicholas)

Z. Terek El Gamal (New Hall)

Z Panayiotou (Moor Hall)

S. Wodi (Christ The King)

J. Broadmore (Hill West)

I .Osbourne (Hill West)

T. Mulkeen (St Nicholas)

K. Okorie (St Josephs)

J. Sinclair (Town)

H. Jones (Walmley)

A. Ani (St Nicholas)

H. Hallahan (Holy Cross)

L. Watson (Four Oaks)

J. Ward (Hill West)

U9 Boys SCPSDFA Gifted and Talented Squad Honours  19-20


BPSFA Mark Cross 7v7 - 

BPSFA League - 

BPSFA Futsal - 

BPSFA Daniel Sturridge Cup - 

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U9 Boys SCPSDFA Gifted and Talented Fixtures and Results 2019-2020

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