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SCPSDFA Previous Members


BU11 Class of 2019 - J. Quirk (Boldmere), C. Blackshields (Deanery), A. Lee (Coppice), J. Masters (New Oscott), H. Matthews (Coppice), S. Dyer (New Oscott), A. Midwinter (New Oscott), H. Taylor (Highclare), L. Reddy (Bannersgate), D. Martin-Moore (Penns), K. Nembhard (Town), A. Hughes (Wylde Green), S. De Zen (Hill West), A. Hill (Hill West), F. Farina (Mere Green), B. Beckett (Town), T. Jones (Little Sutton), J. Boileau (Coppice)

BU10 Class of 2019 - T. Mulley (Minworth), L. Kemp (New Oscott), J. Clynch (Mere Green), J. Durfort (Penns),,J. May (St Nicholas), S. Stares (Mere Green), D. Geddes (Maney Hill), M. Manton (Walmley), D. Byrne (St Josephs), M. Harris-Blackwood (Deanery), R. Oakley (Walmley), L. Gibbons (Maney Hill), E. Florey-Meah (Deanery), C. Owen (Shrubbery), R. Duncan-Cramp (Topcliffe), H. Kellaway (New Oscott), T. Kennedy (Walmley), B. Brennan (Town), R. Allen (New Hall), Z. Irshad (Hill West), M. Michael-Nwannah (Christ The King)

BU9 Class of 2019 - T. Mulley (Minworth), J. Durfort (Penns), M. Manton (Walmley), D. Byrne (St Josephs), R. Duncan-Cramp (Topcliffe), T. Kennedy (Walmley), B. Brennan (Town), R. Allen (New Hall), M. Michael-Nwannah (Christ The King)

GU11 Class of 2019 - E. Moores (Chivenor), R. Molendo-Payne (Pegasus), L. Walsh (Mere Green), L. Greaves (Boldmere), E. Crowley (Coppice), M. Quirk (Boldmere), L.M. Phillips (Pegasus), H. Shaw (Hill West), L. Foster (New Oscott), I. Smith (St Josephs), H. Cartwright (Boldmere), C. Throup  (Penns), I. Collen (Boldmere), I. Davey (Boldmere), H. Rawlins (Christ The King), J.K. Perry (Walmley), A. E. Smith (Boldmere), K.F. Weaver (Little Aston), B. Cahill (St Nicholas), E.R. Mattocks (Pegasus)

BU11 Class of 18 - L. Youster-Stokes (Hill West), E. Ross (Coppice), T. Salmon-Rose (Pegasus), M. Lott (Walmley), B. Broggio (Boldmere), C. Panayiotou (Little Sutton), N. Allison (Deanery), H. Ubogh (Christ The King), C. Bennett (Banners Gate), O. Woodvine-Richards (Deanery), T.V. Mulley (Minworth), O. Williams (Christ The King), R. Gallagher (Hill West), K. Dyer (Four Oaks), R. Cartwright (Town), D. Longmore (Hill West), B. Parr (Deanery), H. White (Walmley), R. Gallagher (Hill West), E. Kavanagh (Deanery), K. Nembhard (Town), D. Martin-Moore (Penns)

GU11 Class of 18 - E. Moores (Chivenor), R. Molendo-Payne (Pegasus), Z. Casserley (New Oscott), O. Harvey (Highclare), S. Oleskow (Deanery), K. Robinson (Boldmere), I. Curry (Hill West), D.L. Smith (New Hall), M. Baxter (Deanery), L. Walsh (Mere Green), I. Higgs (Coppice)

BU11 Class of 17 - H .Watson (Little Aston), T. Delaney (Shrubbery), N. Timson (Walmley), K. Mahal (Coppice), J. Whitmore (New Oscott), A. Tyler (Little Sutton), M. McGuigan (Holy Cross), H. Blair (Deanery), A. Cameron (Pegasus), T. Brady (Town), D. Onana (St Josephs), R. Simmonds (Boldmere), N. Smith (Boldmere), J. Owen (Coppice)

GU11 Class of 17 - L. Coxon (Shrubbery), G. Broadhurst-Comyn (St Josephs), G. Oleskow (Deanery), S. Oleskow (Deanery), T. Russell (Moor Hall), C. Crees (St Nicholas), M. Beddows (Holy Cross), V. Hull (Shrubbery), E. Upham (St Nicholas), O. Upham (St Nicholas), R. Reynolds (Town), L. Stokes (Boldmere), O. Harvey (Highclare), H. Wild  (Little Sutton), I. Curry (Hill West), R. Molendo-Payne (Pegasus), O. Bulter (Pegasus)


BU11 Class of 16​ - L. Allison (Deanery), J. Ashley (Hill West), C. Checkland (Little Sutton), M. Davis (White House Common), J. Franks (Little Sutton), L. Hart (Walmley), T. Hurley (Boldmere), T. Martin (New Oscott), G. Newey (Little Sutton), K. Nicholls (Walmley), F. Olofinjana (Highclare), J. Owen (Deanery), O. Pemberton (Four Oaks), M. Richards (Town)

BU11 Class of 15 - M. Beveridge (Boldmere), J. Carbado (New Oscott), G. Newey (little Sutton), F. Cockerall (Walmley), R. Davis (Town), A. Jones (Coppice), R. Lewis (little Sutton), M. Phillips (Walmley), J. Pemberton (Four Oaks), O. Powell (Four Oaks), B. Rea (New Oscott), Z. Russell (Coppice), M. Sivia (New Oscott), J. Creed (Coppice), O. Watkins (Walmley).

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